How to connect Spotify to Alexa or Amazon Echo

You can change your default music service for Alexa, so that it'll play from whatever service you prefer.

That's handy if you don't subscribe to Amazon Music and maybe prefer, say, Spotify. Luckily,

Swann's Xtreem all-wireless security camera takes home security to the next level

 Not too long ago, effective, all-inclusive, wireless home security was considered a luxury for the ultra-rich. Well, Swann Security clearly believes peace of mind should be accessible to everyone. The company has been making high-tech security cameras for years, catering to a wide range of budget options, but they had largely steered clear of wireless security cameras… until now.

How to change your Nest video doorbell ringtone to spooky Halloween sounds

(Pocket-lint) - If you own a Nest video doorbell, did you know you can change its ringtone? Google offers seasonal ringtones for its doorbells, including Halloween-themed tones for the month of October. They will ring both from the doorbell itself and on any Google Nest speakers or smart displays in your home.  

How to Use Google Home as an Intercom – Hint

Gone are the days when you had to ring a bell to get everyone to come down for dinner. Thanks to Google Broadcast, you don’t even have to shout your voice hoarse from the hallway to get your family’s attention. Google Assistant now does it all for you, both when you’re home and when you’re not.

The Ultimate Guide to Google Home and Assistant Compatible Devices

When Google first made its foray into the smart home scene, there were only a handful of gadgets for its users. But the list has grown steadily over the years, including countless Google and third-party devices.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Google Home and Assistant – All the Cool Tips and Tricks We Could Think Of

The Ultimate Guide to Using Your Google Home and Assistant – All the Cool Tips and Tricks We Could Think Of

This Is a List of All the Best Things You Can Do with Google Home and Assistant. Well, Every Cool Thing We Could Think of in a List... Enjoy!

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